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arm4_export: export the ARM 4 database in XML format


arm4_export - export the ARM 4 database in XML format


arm4_export --help|-h
arm4_export --version|-V
arm4_export [--config|-C config_file] [--archive|-a archive_directory]


The arm4_export program exports the ARM 4 agent database to XML. This can then be used to archive the data or to facilitate conversion from one database type to another, or for upgrading agent versions.

This is functionally equivalent to running the command arm4_control export all.


-h, --help
display the command line options.
-V, --Version
display the program version and exit.
-C, --Config config_file
specifies a configuration file for this instance instead of using the default configuration file. The default configuration file /etc/arm4.conf is used if none is specified.
-a, --archive archive_directory
read an archive created using the arm4_control --archive command.


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