arm4_daemon (1) - Linux Man Pages

arm4_daemon: ARM 4 collection agent


arm4_daemon - ARM 4 collection agent


arm4_daemon --help|-h
arm4_daemon --version|-V
arm4_daemon [--verbose|-v] [--debug|-d]
      [--config|-C config_file]


The arm4_daemon program collects ARM 4 measurement data from the ARM 4 libraries and saves the measurements in a local database. While there will normally be many instances of the instrumented applications, there will typically be only one instance of the arm4_daemon running at a time.


Configuration options are set in the configuration file. The default configuration is /etc/arm4.conf, although this can be overridden using the --config command line option. See arm4.conf(5) for more information.


The arm4_daemon program uses the Berkeley database to store transaction information. Rather than a single file, this database uses separate files fore each database table. For simplicity, all database files are stored in a single directory. Therefore specifying a database or database archive location is really specifying the directory in which the files are stored. The default location for the database files is /var/lib/arm4/data. For backup files, a time stamped directory is created under /var/lib/arm4/data/backup. Each of these directories can be changed using the arm4.conf configuration file.


-h, --help
display the command line options
-V, --Version
display the program version and exit
-v, --verbose
output diagnostic information as the program is run. This may not be suitable when running in the background as a true daemon but can be useful for debugging.
-C, --Config config_file
specifies a configuration file for this instance instead of using the default configuration file. The default configuration file /etc/arm4.conf is used if none is specified.
-d, --debug
run the daemon as a foreground process. This is primarily used for debugging.
-s, --stats
periodically display statistics on the message queues and database processes.
-o, --off
Start the agent as a "null" collector. Although the collector is active, no data is actually collected. This can be controlled using the arm4_control utility.


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