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arm4_report: report on ARM 4 transactions


arm4_report - report on ARM 4 transactions


arm4_report --help|-h
arm4_report --version|-V
arm4_report [[--summary|-s] | [--detailed|-d]]
      [--config|-C config_file[--archive|-a archive_directory]


This program is deprecated and may not exist in a future release


The arm4_report program is a simple reporting interface to the ARM 4 transaction database. Two types of reports are available. The summary report shows response time statistics for all instances of a transaction instead of individual instances. The detailed report shows the results of individual transactions.


-h, --help
display the command line options.
-V, --Version
display the program version and exit.
-s, --summary
display summary information for each of the transaction types in the database. This is the default if neither summary nor detailed reports are specified.
-d, --detailed
show detailed information for each transaction instance.
-C, --Config config_file
specifies a configuration file for this instance instead of using the default configuration file. The default configuration file /etc/arm4.conf is used if none is specified.
-a, --archive archive_directory
read an archive created using the arm4_control --archive command.


Although intended to be used as a user space program, the current implementation accesses the database directly. This means that the program must be run by the database owner or as root.


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