How to backup iPhone on Linux?

How to backup iPhone on Linux? Not using iTunes or Windows.

You can backup iPhone using libimobiledevice. By the time I replied here, it supports up to iOS 7.

Please check this post for a tutorial. Actually, the methods introduced can be used on Linux systems with the libimobiledevice installed.

Backup iPhone:

idevicebackup2 backup ~/iPhoneBackups/

Unpack the backup files:

idevicebackup2 unback ~/iPhoneBackups/

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  1. Installed from software centre – no joy

    In terminal

    >sudo apt install libimobiledevice-utils

    made directory iphonebackups in home folder

    >idevicebackup2 backup ~/iphonebackups/

    perfect backup


  2. is there a manual about libimobiledevice?
    I followed the tutorial form your link. Unback does not work because the backup is encrypted. Asking for a password but I never created a password.
    Alos, how do I restore it or how do I use it to setup a new iphone?
    i\s there any way to find all that out?

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