How to configure SPF for my email domain hosted by DreamHost?

My domain’s email is hosted by DreamHost and all my emails from that domain are sent using DreamHost’s SMTP. How to configure the SPF record for my email domain hosted by DreamHost?

For a domain with email and SMTP hosted by DreamHost, you can set its SPF record to


Reference: What SPF records do I use? – DreamHost

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  1. I just got an Undeliverable Mail failure that helpfully suggested “Please add a SPF record for the domain to your DNS or ask your Broadband Provider / Domain Registrar to do this.” FWIW DreamHost’s excellent customer support added a custom DNS TXT record for my domain containing

    v=spf1 ~all

    This matches your suggestion but for the ” ~all” on the end. From OpenSPF dot org’s SPF Record Syntax page I think it makes e-mail delivery from any other host a SoftFail.

    I also reported that your Reference link, “What SPF records do I use? – DreamHost” is a 404 and DreamHost lacks a replacement.

    1. The original links is gone. A historical piece of content I find

      The `~all` seems fine. But if the email was sent from a server in DreamHost cluster is also “marked” although “accepted”. I believe it should not be “marked” for this case.

      The original one (as in the historical post) accepts all (default, Neutral), which looks more reasonable to me though.

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