How to put AdSense ads in BuySellAds without iframe?

Hi, I noticed that your site serves AdSense ads through BuySellAds and it is not in an iframe.

By default, BuySellAds puts the backfill ads in an iframe. Puting AdSense ads in iframe is violation of the terms.

How do you make BuySellAds not put AdSense ads in an iframe? Thanks!

To inline the ads code of BuySellAds backfill ads:

It’s simple, set the first line of your backfilled ad within BuySellAds to include this snippet of code (right at the top):


Reference: How can I load my backfilled ad tags inline on the page so that they aren’t put within an iFrame? (archived version, please check latest info from BSA)

Answered by David Yang.
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