Linux Cluster Solutions

Solutions to Linux cluster construction and management such as unified account management, NFS home directory, network configurations are summarised in this post. The post is keeping updating while new solutions is added to this site.

Account and storage management

Unified Linux Login and Home Directory Using OpenLDAP and NFS/automount

Backup Linux Home Directory Using rsync

Setting Up eCryptFS in Linux

Setting Up Gateway Using iptables and route on Linux

Flush DNS Cache of Linux and Windows Client

Finding out Linux Network Configuration Information

Changing MAC Address in Linux aka. MAC Spoofing

Setting Up VPN-like Network Between Several Clusters Using iptables

Port forwarding

Port Forwarding Using iptables

Port Forwarding Using SSH Tunnel

Proxy Using ssh Tunnel

Fixing Ports Used by NFS Server

Setting Up a NFS Server on Top of tmpfs /dev/shm

Software management

Installing Specific Old Versions of Packages in Yum

Making yum Not Update Kernel[doesn’t exist]

Scheduled task management

How to Run a cron Job Every Two Weeks / Months / Days

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