mplayer 使用中文字幕文件时经常会出现乱码问题. 以下是解决办法:

1. 外挂字体方法

比如当前目录下有文件为Gone with the Wind.avi, 字幕文件为:

可以使用如下命令来播放, 将不会出现中文字幕乱码的问题了:

mplayer -ass -subcp cp936  Gone with the Wind.avi -sub

-ass: Turn on SSA/ASS subtitle rendering. With this option, libass will be used for SSA/ASS external subtitles and Matroska tracks. You may also want to use -embeddedfonts. NOTE: Unlike normal OSD, libass uses fontconfig by default. To disable it, use -nofontconfig.

-subcp codepage: Specify the subtitle codepage.
The Chinese character codepages:
936 — GBK Supports Simplified Chinese 简体中文
950 — Supports Traditional Chinese 繁体中文

-sub: Use these subtitle files.

-sub-fuzziness mode: Adjust matching fuzziness when searching for subtitles:
0 exact match
1 Load all subs containing movie name.
2 Load all subs in the current directory.

2. 内嵌字体方法

对于mkv, ogm等内嵌字体文件格式, 可以使用 sid 选项选择内嵌字体:
-sid ID: Display the subtitle stream specified by ID (0-31). MPlayer prints the available subtitle IDs when run in verbose (-v) mode. If you cannot select one of the subtitles on a DVD, also try -vobsubid.


mplayer *.mkv -sid 1 -subcp cp936


mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device /xxx/dvd -sid 0 -subcp cp936

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