Synchronizing home directories

Any good tools to synchronize home directories on Linux boxes?
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Many have several PC/laptops and consequently many home directories. There is home directory synchronizing problem.

unison is a good tool to do this:

Useful script:

$ unison -batch  -ui text ./ /mnt/homebak/zma/

In text user interface, synchronizing two directories in batch mode (without asking any question).


Synchronize two home directories over ssh:

Under your home directory:

$ unison -batch  -ui text ./ ssh://



Ignoring some directories:

$ unison -batch -ui text -ignore "Path {.cache,.config/google-chrome}" ./ ssh://



A more "practical" one with most of common not-to-sync directories:

$ unison \
-ui text -batch \
-ignore "Path {*/.git,*/Cache,.*/Cache,.cache,.config/google-chrome,Dropbox,.thunderbird/*/ImapMail/}" \
./  ssh://



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