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How to merge a commit from another branch to my current branch in git?

I have 2 branches: dev and master.

I have commits in dev like this:


Commits in master like this:


c2 and c3 fix a bug.

Now, I want to merge commit c2 and c3 that fix the bug to the master branch, but I do not want to merge all the commits (e.g. c4).

How to merge these specific commits from a branch to another branch?

asked Feb 8, 2013 by anonymous

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For this purpose, the command git cherry-pick is very useful.

If the c2 and c3 are the SHA1 object name (40-byte hexadecimal string). (more commit format of git):

git cherry-pick c2
git cherry-pick c3

Of course, you should merge some commits when it is needed and resolve the conflicts.

answered Feb 8, 2013 by SA (14,760 points)

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