How to force a fsck during next rebooting of Linux?

How to force a fsck of a file system, say the root, during the next rebooting of Linux?

asked Sep 8, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

2 possible ways:

/forcefsck way for /

# touch /forcefsck

and reboot. Next time the / will be fsck'ed .

systemd way

Add these 2 kernel boot parameters:


What these 2 kernel parameters do:


systemd-fsck understands one kernel command line parameter:


    One of "auto", "force", "skip". Controls the mode of 
    operation. The default is "auto", and ensures that file 
    system checks are done when the file system checker deems 
    them necessary. "force" unconditionally results in full file 
    system checks. "skip" skips any file system checks.

    One of "preen", "yes", "no". Controls the mode of operation. 
    The default is " preen", and will automatically repair 
    problems that can be safely fixed. "yes " will answer yes to 
    all questions by fsck and "no" will answer no to all 

Reference: systemd-fsck-root manual

answered Sep 14, 2017 by Eric Z Ma (44,200 points)

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