Too many TCP segments retransmited in a virtual machine

I find there are too many TCP segments retransmited in a Xen virtual machine.

sudo netstat -s | grep segments
    537559 segments received
    558908 segments send out
    3533 segments retransmited
    2677 bad segments received.

There are 4 VMs on a host which has 4 cores. The segment retransmision rate is too high.

asked Jul 21, 2013 by anonymous

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It finally turns out that there are too many VMs on the same host. Adjusting the number of VMs on one single host to 3 makes the tcp segments retransmision rate much lower. My guess of the reason is that the CPU turns to the bottleneck (not confirmed).

answered Jul 21, 2013 by anonymous
selected Jul 30, 2013

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