How to keep master thesis safety and availability on Windows

When you write your master thesis (in Chinese) on windows, you may have following worries.

a, Be afraid your master thesis is lost (or can not be accessed) when hard disk/udisk is broken (or something other viruses).

b, Keep master thesis availability (7×24) and safety.

c, Do not want anyone else to access it before it is published.

How to solve above problems?

Currently, I have tried one way on Windows OS and it works well for me. Firstly, you need to be familiar with software/tools/platforms as follows.
1, Git (
2, A few shell commands (
3, Bitbucket (
4, NotePad++ (

Workload is:
1, Download/install/use Git-for-windows ( because it is easy for us to use git on Windows.
2, Create account on Bitbucket because you would host your thesis on Bitbucket servers and it is managed by Git.
3, Create private repository (safety is promised) locally and push it to your Bitbucket (Or you can also create private repository on bitbucket and pull it locally).
4, Use Notepad++ to edit your thesis files with Chinese because it is convenient on Windows (You may also use Microsoft office, etc instead).
5, Once your thesis is updated, you can commit your update to bitbucket in Git-for-windows Shell with git (Availability is promised).

1, Bitbucket (Github cannot use private repos unless you are recognized as a student) can use private repositories freely (safety is promised).
2, You can also use EditPlus (substitute NotePad++) but it is not free.

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