How to enlarge root partition and filesystem size of cloud Linux VM at runtime without rebooting Linux

It is common that the root disk space is not enough when running a Virtual Machine in the cloud such as Amazon Web Service (AWS). The cloud storage usually provides tools or facilities to enlarge a virtual disk size. However, to make the Linux recognize and and use the enlarged disks without rebooting the OS, […]

How to get the metadata of an AWS S3 object?

I upload files using the aws cli . But how to get the metadata of an object in AWS S3? You can use the s3api‘s head-object command to get the metadata of an object. Taking one example: $ aws s3api head-object –bucket test-hkust –key dir2/fileupload/fb0c6353-a90c-4522-9355-7cd16cf756ff.file.txt It will print results like { “AcceptRanges”: “bytes”, “ContentType”: […]