Parameterised AngularJS Routing in MVC using $routeProvider

In this post, development India based professionals will brief you about the interesting feature of AngularJS, that I Routing. You will learn the method to split the single page into multiple views. For more info, read the article. In this article we are going to see one of the most useful feature of AngularJS called routing. I am going to explain how we can split the single page into multiple views though ng-View and each views will be loaded by using the routing logic. » Read more

Quartz Implementation in Java

In this post, java development India based experts will explain the concept of Quartz. You will also learn the method of setting up the Quartz in this article. You can ask experts if anything bothers you.Table of Contents [hide]1 Technology 2 Some of the Features of Quartz 3 Quartz setup 4 Key classes in Quartz 5 Quartz Scheduler Examples5.1 Creating Scheduler object: 5.2 Creating jobs: 5.3 Creating JobDetail object 5.4 Creating triggers 5.5 Triggering the scheduler: 5.6 Stopping Scheduler 5.7 Exception Handling 5.8 Concurrent Execution of Jobs 5.9 Triggers 5.10 Scheduler Listeners6 ConclusionTechnology ∞ Quartz is the open source Java technology for scheduling background jobs. » Read more

Blocking JavaScripts from a Site in Chrome in 2 Easy Steps

You may be aware of the GitHub’s largest DDoS attack in history on Mar. 27, 2015 (some context, technical details, and discussions):We've been under continuous DDoS attack for 24+ hours. The attack is evolving, and we're all hands on deck mitigating. — GitHub Status (@githubstatus) March 27, 2015 One important technique when facing this kind of problems is blocking certain sites’ JavaScripts in your browser. » Read more

OpenVPN + Ovpn Spider: Free VPNs for iPhone Users

VPNs are useful for testing viewing webpages from a remote location or visiting blocked websites. In this post, I will introduce a method for finding and using free VPNs on iPhone. Note that the VPNs are free and the providers are not identified. Hence, only use this method for visiting public webpages or keeping visiting https sites. If security or privacy are important concerns, find a reliable VPN service or set up your own. » Read more

Speeding Up WordPress with APC Object Cache and WP Super Cache

WordPress can be very fast after some (small) effort on performance optimization with the help from its plenty of plugins. Two of the directions are using cache to cut down the number of database queries and optimizing PHP’s performance with opcode cache. In this post, we introduce how to speed up WordPress with APC object cache and page cache with the two plugins “APC Object Cache Backed” and “WP Super Cache”. » Read more

PHP Photo Gallery Scripts Requiring No Database

It is nice to set up some photo gallery on the web and share with friends and family. Some online services are good and convenient. But if you want to host it on your own domain and control them by yourself, there are also many scripts available. Usually, we want the script simple to use and easy to set up without requiring any database. » Read more

Effective Anti-Spam in WordPress with Plugins

WordPress has a very rich set of plugins and a combination of them can make anti-spam in WordPress quite easy. Here is a list of plugins that can help prevent spammers from registering spam account (if the site allows registration of new users) and posting spam comments. Anti spam comments ∞ Use the Akismet WordPress plugin. Akismet is a Web service that automatically detects comments and trackback spams. » Read more

How to Change MediaWiki’s Main Page Title and URL

MediaWiki set’s the default page (the homepage) to the “Main Page” by default. The name “Main Page” is too general and does not give more meanings. Usually for a specific site, we may change it to some meaningful name and URL. This is a configurable in MediaWiki. This tutorial introduces how to change MediaWiki’s Main Page Title and URL. Edit the MediaWiki:Mainpage ∞ Edit the MediaWiki:Mainpage page which contains the title of the main page for MediaWiki. » Read more

How to Change MediaWiki’s Sidebar

MediaWiki’s Sidebar can be configured as a special page. This page’s title is “MediaWiki:Sidebar”. For example, if a MediaWiki site is configured to use Search Engine Friendly URL for MediaWiki, the URL for edit the Sidebar is: It may look like this:* navigation ** mainpage|mainpage-description ** recentchanges-url|recentchanges ** randompage-url|randompage ** currentevents-url|currentevents ** portal-url|portal ** helppage|help * SEARCH * TOOLBOX * LANGUAGESYou can edit it by adding or deleting items or changing the orders of the content of this special page to change the sidebar of MediaWiki. » Read more

How To Set Mobile Skin for MediaWiki

More and more users are browsing the Internet using a mobile device. It is preferred to provide good experience for these users. One method to service a mobile version of the page to a user with a mobile device. This tutorial introduces how to add mobile skin support for MediaWiki. Skin for mobile devices ∞ I use the WPtouch skin here as the example. » Read more

Search Engine Friendly URL for MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the wiki-engine that runs Wikipedia. In this tutorial, we introduce how to configure search engine friendly URLs in MediaWiki. Search Engine Friendly URLs ∞ Default MediaWiki URLs look like which is a little ugly. To make it more search engine friendly, we will change it to SEO-friendly URLs like Enabling Search Engine Friendly URLs ∞ ”’Step 1.”’ Change the URL settings by using two configuration variables in LocalSettings.php: $wgScript and $wgArticlePath. » Read more

BBCode Support in WordPress

BBCode is another markup language to format posts widely by forums, which is easier and clearer than HTML. WordPress provides a visual editor and some easy-to-use tools, but no built-in BBCode support. Let’s see how to add BBCode support in WordPress. We can add BBCode support to WordPress with the BBCode plugin by bOingball that extends the BBCode plugin by Viper007Bond. » Read more

HTML Document Character Set and Encoding

HTML authors need to look up HTML character encodings frequently as some characters can not (or hard to) be typed out directly from the keyboard. Calculating the HTML character encoding from ASCII code The characters that appear in ASCII Table can be represented with its decimal ASCII code. For example, we want to encode HTML character ‘[‘. First, look up the ASCII Table and find: 091 133 0x5B 01011011 [ (left opening bracket) The decimal value for ‘[‘ is 091. » Read more

WordPress: Disabling Visual Editor

The visual editor provides a visual editor to write and format posts. However, it tries to format the HTML tags written in the HTML editor when turning to the visual editor, and may delete some HTML tags and screw up HTML tags. Even when we set the editor to HTML editor, WordPress may automatically turn back to visual editor next time when we edit a post. » Read more

WordPress MU: Changing Domain Names

There is no automatic built-in method/function in WordPress to change a multi-user WordPress’s domain name. I faced this problem when I tried to add ‘www.’ to the domain name. Hopefully, many people have this problem and give out pretty good solution. Oremj integrate the DB changes needed into one PHP script, which is quite convenient and works well for me: » Read more

CloudFlare with DreamHost

CloudFlare is a very nice service that provides CDN / optimizer / security protection and more. Good news is that DreamHost turns to be a partner with CloudFlare. The free account on CloudFlare is enough for sites such as I enabled CloudFlare yesterday and it works smoothly and boosts the site’s performance. Overall, I am very satisfied with it. DreamHost claims that “In the end CloudFlare helps you, it helps us, and it helps your sites’ visitors”. » Read more

Controlling Display of WordPress Widget with PHP Code

I am always wondering how to display different Widgets in WordPress depending on the page/post/category etc. I ever tried some plugins that is for specific purpose. However, they are not flexible enough for all my needs. For example, I want a widget that contains AdSense ad not display on certain posts that I selected and marked by the post meta, which is not easy to control with some plugins that only support limited integrated controlling options. » Read more

Web2 Icons: Icons of Social Networking in iPhone Style

web-2-icons.png When I tried to find a group of icons for my site, I got to the Web 2 Icons and decided to use it. Web2 icons is a set of icons of social networking in iPhone style. I used the RSS feed, twitter and facebook icons. But it has more icons in the package. It is free for personal and commercial projects: “All Icons on the FastIcon “Download” page are FREE for use in both personal and commercial projects.”. » Read more