How to force Chrome on iPhone refresh pages and invalidate the caches

I find Chrome on my iPhone caches pages/css/js files. That makes browsing faster. However, under some situation, I’d like to force it refresh the pages/css/js and give me the latest one. How to force Chrome on iPhone refresh pages and invalidate the caches? The only method as far as I can find is to clear all te caches: Go to “Settings -> Privacy -> Clear cache”. » Read more

Cache at Facebook

About caching system at Facebook. According to: Facebook has two major cache systems: Memcache, which is a simple lookaside cache with most of its smarts in the client, and TAO, a caching graph database that does its own queries to MySQL. The NSDI’13 paper introduces more about Memcache: The USENIX ATC’13 paper introduces more about TAO:’s-distributed-data-store-social-graph Answered by anonymous. » Read more

Linux Flushing File System Caches

We may drop the file system caches on Linux to free up memory for applications. Kernels 2.6.16 and newer provide a mechanism via the /proc/ to make the kernel drop the page cache and/or inode and dentry caches on command. We can use this mechanism to free up the memory. However, this is a non-destructive operation that only free things that are completely unused and dirty objects will not be freed until written out to disk. » Read more