how to integrate MySQL client into self designed database

Currently, I need to integrate MySQL client into SQLE as SQLE’s client. And then, we just need design/implement a translation layer to transfer MySQL protocol into SQLE engine part (KV+ internal exactly). Mysql-Proxy could solve this problem but it is complex to be only a MySQL server. Therefore, I remoduled MySQL-proxy to be more simple […]

What are the differences between database DDL and DML

Differences beween DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language) Data Definition Language (DDL) statements are used to define the database structure or schema. Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements are used for managing data within schema objects. References: Answered by harryxiyou.

What are the DDL and DML of Shark (Spark SQL)?

Currently, I wanna take Shark’s (Spark SQL) DDL and DML as an reference to design/implement SQLE’s DDL and DML. However, I cannot find its DDL and DML. I can only find several SQLs in Shark paper[1]. [1] shark paper – Shark’s language is Hive QL. HQL’s DDL and DML can be found at Hive […]

HTML form generation from the database and store value into the database

I have a “t_form” table and a “t_attribute” table. It looks a little bit like below. Form table form_id | form_name | description ———————————– 1 | Laptop | Possible attributes are Model, Screen Size, OS, Cd Player 2 | Mobile | Possible attributes are Model, OS 3 | Tablet | Possible attributes are Model, Screen […]

SQL layers on NoSQL databases

What are the SQL layer solution over NoSQL databases such as key/value stores? Phoenix: A SQL layer on HBase: They also show some performance results: Answered by anonymous. F1 – The Fault-Tolerant Distributed RDBMS Supporting Google’s Ad Business: With F1, we have built a novel hybrid system that combines the scalability, fault […]