Spring Shell Technology For Java development

This post is about the Spring Shell technology and its use in java. Experts of java development India have shared their best knowledge in this post for Spring Shell with the community people. If you have anything to ask, do it at the end. Technology: It is command line tool for Java applications to interact with java applications using spring shell framework. » Read more

Notes for Beginners of Software Development on Linux

Linux is a great platform for software development targeting servers or backends. In general, working on Linux is very productive. The problem that beginners on Linux face is the the learning curve is steep at the beginning. But believe me, after you get through the initial green steep learning step as in the figure below with some hard work, you will feel like working on a rocket in the yellow part. » Read more

Git Merging FAQs

git merge is frequently used during development of projects managed by git. There are many common questions about git merge and I find most are solved and discussed on StackOverflow. Here, I summarize useful ones so that others who want to learn git merge need to do the search again. Merge, rebase, fast forward and conflicts ∞ Differences between git rebase and git merge. » Read more

Howtos for Git Submodule Commands (A Quick Git Submodule Cheat Sheet)

git submodule is a very useful tools in git to include other git repositories in one repository to handle cases such as library dependencies. In this post, I summarize some commonly used commands that I find useful for working with git submodule. For the list of full commands, check the git submodule manual. Git.png Add a submodule ∞ To add a submodule, if it is the first time (that is, no submodule in the repository yet), under the root directory of the repository, run git submodule init git submodule status git submodule add -f git@example.com/the-repo ./the-repo which will add the new repository to ./the-repo. » Read more

Git through SSH Tunnel as Proxy

git is a great tool and it is common to have a git server over SSH possibly managed by gitolite. However, there are situations that we can not directly connect to the git server but be able to SSH to another node that can connect to the git server. The git server may allow only internal connections because of security. With the node that we can SSH to, we can still use the git server “directly” by setting up a SSH tunnel as a proxy for the git connection. » Read more

How to install Scala on Fedora Linux

How to install Scala on Fedora Linux How to install Scala on Fedora Linux: This tutorial introduces how to install Scala 2.9.2 on 64-bit Fedora Linux 17. There are some changes needed to make scala work on Fedora Linux 17. Please check it out in the answer. Continue reading: How to install Scala on Fedora Linux. How to install Scala from the official Scala distribution How to install Scala from the official Scala distribution: How to install Scala from the official Scala distribution? » Read more

How to Generate and Apply Patches using diff and patch on Linux

diff and patch are tools to create patches and apply patches to source code, which is widely used in the open-source world, such as Linux kernel and application. patch: applying patches To apply a patch to a single file: $ patch < foo.patch If the foo.patch does not identify the file the patch should be applied to, you can specify the file: $ patch foo.txt < bar.patch Applying patches to a directory: $ patch -p1 < bar.patch Here, we set a “p level”. » Read more