Chrome reports “Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date.”

On Linux (Fedora 17 x86-64), Chrome keeps reporting “Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date.” every time I browse a page that contains Flash. How to fix this? I did this and it turned to be working for me: Disable the libpepflashplayer in Chrome by run chrome://plugins/ in the URL bar. […]

How to Configure the Latest Version of Flash on Firefox for Linux: by the Fresh Player Plugin

As you may know, Adobe stopped supporting the NPAPI version of Flash on Linux and the latest NPAPI version of Flash player at version 11.2 released back in 2012 will only receive security fixes. Even the security fixes to the 11.2 version of the Flash Plugin your Firefox is using will end on May 4, […]

Installing the Flash Plugin for 64-bit Firefox in Linux x86-64

This post introduces how to install flash plugin to 64-bit firefox on a x86-64 Linux (Fedora as the example). Both 64-bit and 32-bit plugin are available. 64-bit flash plugin for Firefox on Linux First, download Flash Player Release for 64-bit Linux from Adobe Labs. Then, unpack the package: $ tar xf flashplayer.tar.gz Check whether all […]