How to get the full path and directory of a Makefile itself?

How to get the full path and directory of a Makefile itself like finding Bash script’s own path? This 2 lines in Makefile get the full path and dir of the Makefile itself: mkfile_path := $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))) mkfile_dir := $(dir $(mkfile_path)) The piece of code gets you Makefile, finds its absolute path and the […]

How to suppress “Entering/Leaving…” messages when invoking make recursively?

The “Entering/Leaving…” messages when invoking another make by a make is kind of annoying. Is it possible to suppress these messages and how to suppress them? For GNU make, it is controlled by options: -w, –print-directory Print a message containing the working directory before and after other processing. This may be useful for tracking down […]

How to get a Makefile’s directory for including other Makefiles

I experience this problem: I have a file that includes which in the same directory. is included by the top-level Makefile. and are shared by multiple projects and the top-level Makefile may stay in different directories with {common,release}.mk. Now, include in make use the pwd as base directory. So, simply […]

Specifying –no-print-directory within the Makefile

The –no-print-directory option of make tells make not to print the message about entering and leaving the working directory. However, how to specify the –no-print-directory inside the Makefile itself? Add this line to the Makefile: MAKEFLAGS += –no-print-directory You can also set MAKEFLAGS in a makefile, to specify additional flags that should also be in […]