How to install .deb packages on Fedora?

I come across some closed source software that only provides .deb packages. Fedora manages packages with rpm/yum. How to install the .deb packages on Fedora?

Alien is a tool to convert .deb package to .rpm package:

In latest Fedora, the tool alien is in Fedora’s repository. You can use dnf to install the package.

In earlier Fedora version, you may download and install it from the source code.

To download and install alien:

First download one package for alien from Debian FTP:

$ tar xf alien-VERSION.tar.gz
$ cd alien
$ perl Makefile.PL; make; sudo make install

To convert a .deb package to a .rpm package:

$ alien -r package.deb

To install the converted rpm package:

$ sudo yum localinstall package.rpm


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