What is the Future of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop?

Big Data has taken a lead in the IT industry and has played a significant role in the Business growth and decision-making processes that gives you an edge over the competitors. This is equally applicable to the organizations as well as professionals existing in the analytics domain. Big Data Analytics bring an ocean of opportunities […]

How to get the highest temperature from all sensors in a server on Linux?

It is useful to monitor a server node’s temporary. Among all the sensors’ temperatures, the higher one may be a very important one. How to get the highest temperature from all sensors in a server on Linux? You can use this command to get the the highest temperature from all sensors in a server on […]

Cannot start VM with error “no network with matching name ‘default'”

I update libvirt version and want to start VM with the new libvirt tools but I failed as follows. > sudo virsh start kvm1 error: Failed to start domain kvm1 error: Network not found: no network with matching name ‘default’ It seems that the default ‘virbr0’ is missing after I update libvirt so I solve […]

How to get the IP addresses of VMs in KVM with virsh

When we create VMs in KVM, we may don’t know the IP addresses because they are automatically assigned by DHCP. So we want to get them in VMM so that can login by SSH. Do the commands as follows. $ virsh domiflist hvm1 Interface Type Source Model MAC ——————————————————- vnet0 network default virtio 52:54:00:1c:36:cd $ […]

how to use pc internet of window8 on iphone 4s via usb

how to use pc internet on iPhone 4s wia usb cable, pc is of window 8 and in network setting its not showing of connection of I phones network I ever wrote a tutorial at http://www.systutorials.com/136003/iphone-connecting-internet-using-windows-pc-network-through-usb-cable/ . But please be aware that it worked only on specific OS combinations. So, I am not sure whether […]

How to configure ifcfg-eth0 network scripts on Fedora/RHEL Linux?

How to configure the ifcfg-* network script files under /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ on Fedora/RHEL Linux? Following is a very typical ifcfg-eth0 file setting static IP/gateway/network mask: DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=none ONBOOT=yes NETMASK= IPADDR= GATEWAY= USERCTL=no More options are supported, here you can find a reference: Interface Configuration Files (a easier to read PDF from F15 doc). Answered by Eric […]

How to advertise different gateway ip via DHCP in OpenWRT?

How to advertise a different router/gateway ip via DHCP in OpenWRT? In general, you need to configure the DHCP option with code 3 (router). (A list of all options can be found in http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/bootp/options.htm ) For example, to advise the gateway IP, you will send this option: “3,” Now, for OpenWRT, you have 2 […]

How to force umount a NFS directory on Linux?

The NFS server is down. It is reported “Stale NFS file handle”. I tried ‘umount’ and ‘umount -f’. But neither succeeded. # umount /mnt/store umount.nfs: /mnt/store: Stale NFS file handle # umount -f /mnt/store umount.nfs: /mnt/store: Stale NFS file handle How to force umounting the NFS without rebooting the Linux server? I usually have to […]

How to make curl request pass the Squid proxy?

I use curl to send requests to remote servers like following command. curl http://example.com/send –date-urlencode “data=hello” However, it is blocked by the network proxy squid in some networks with message like (some info anonymized with “…”): ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved POST /… HTTP/1.1 Proxy-Authorization: Basic … User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;) Host: … […]

How to find a wireless network adapter’s speed in Linux?

How to find a wireless adapter‘s speed in Linux? ethtool does not show the speed of the wireless adapters. For finding the configured speed of wireless adpaters in Linux, you can use the iwconfig tool. iwconfig: configure a wireless network interface For example, to find the speed of the wireless adapter wlp8s0: # iwconfig wlp8s0 […]