Playing YouTube Video in Background on iPhone

This post introduces how to play YouTube video in background on your iPhone. With this tip, you will need not to keep the YouTube app opening all the time. So you can use other apps on iPhone while listening to the music or talk or others from YouTube. This tip should also work on other iOS devices such as iPad.

To make YouTube videos play in background, you need to open YouTube in the browser instead of the YouTube app.

Step 1: Open YouTube video in Safari

You may bookmark your liked videos in the YouTube app or in the computer and open it in the browser in iPhone (here, we use Safari).


Step 2: Play the video from Safari

In Safari, click the video to open the video player to play the video.


Step 3: Go back to the iPhone home screen by clicking the home button

Now, after the full-screen video player is playing the video, click the home button and return to the iPhone home screen (springboard). The video will stop playing. But don’t worry and it will be back.

Step 4: Play the YouTube video from the iPhone control center

Now, open the control center of iPhone and you will see the name of the video you are playing.


Touch the play button and the video will play in background now. Enjoy!

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