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Bash (GNU Bourne-Again SHell) the default shell for many Linux distributions. It is very common for scripting languages in Linux. Bash is easy and straightforward for writing small tools. However, as most tools, it has its grammars that could easily cause bugs if they are not used correctly. Here I summarize a list of good Bash learning materials for beginners and advanced Bash script developers.

Must read: bash manual

The bash manual is the must read document from my point of view for any developers that would write Bash scripts. It is long. But RTFM before seriously using a tool.

Google shell style guide

Google limits its shell to Bash and it’s Google shell style guide is actually a Bash shell script style guide. The style guide give good practices that can help developers write scripts with less bugs.

One note: you don’t need to use all these rules in the Google style guide because it is for Google. Tailor it for your own projects/team.

Advanced guide: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

If you are already familiar with Bash, the next step is to read the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide by Mendel Cooper. You can read in formats you like:

Other readings and Bash techniques

Debugging Bash scripts: How to debug Bash scripts.

And read More topics on Bash here.

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