Gnome: disabling / deleting keyrings

How to disable/delete the current keyrings on gnome?

If the Gnome keyrings are not needed, or we forget the password, we can disable/delete the current keyrings.

The keyrings are stored under


To disabled or delete current keyrings, we can simply delete this folder:

rm -rf ~/.gnome2/keyrings/

Remember to backup this directory if you still need a copy of them.


  1. I run Xubuntu 22.04.1, the keyring is a nuisance, I did as you suggest, but at the first itch (in my case opening a Chrome window, I am asked to provide a password for a keyring the “application” is creating… Except that it “does not know” how to create one.

    (The directory keyrings was in ~/.local/share)

    1. For what it’s worth. The only way I’ve found to disable Gnome Keyring is to remove it (as in the package) along with Seahorse and the Seahorse extension. I then locked Gnome Keyring to prevent my package manager from re-installing it (zypper on Opensuse). That has worked and eliminated the nuisance that is Gnome Keyring. There really ought to be a way to disable Gnome Keyring without having to go through all this BS but that’s a limitation of Gnome.

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