Infrastructure Software For Fedora

Fedora is a popular distro supported by the RedHat Corporation. This article recommends you some infrastructure software and how to install them in details.

Minimize and Maximize window

1, Install software gnome-tweak-tool

# yum install gnome-tweak-tool

2, Start gnome-tweak-tool and set minimizing and maximizing functions as follows.

Actually, gnome-tweak-tool has more functions than what I say above. You can install others yourself.

Take Screen Snapshot

If you are using the MATE desktop environment:

1, Install software mate-screenshot

# yum install mate-screenshot

2, Take full screenshot

# mate-screenshot

3, Take area screenshot

# mate-screenshot -a

If you are using the GNOME 3 desktop environment:

1, Install software gnome-screenshot

# yum install gnome-screenshot

2, Take full screenshot

# gnome-screenshot

3, Take area screenshot

# gnome-screenshot -a
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