gthumb hangs at startup on Fedora

gthumb hangs at startup on Fedora when I plugged my iPhone on the USB. How to solve this?

You need to unmount the iPhone:

Open nautilus.

Press F9 (may need twice) to open the side panel if it is not opened yet.

Find your iPhone on the side panel and unmount it by click the button.

After your iPhone is unmounted, gthumb should be able to start.

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  1. Hey, that worked for me and got Nemo back working, which seemed to randomly not starting anymore (or needing 5 mins to start with 0% CPU usage). Thx a lot for this!

    Do have any idea, why Gthumb is depending on which phone is plugged in?
    (in my case it’s my Honor 10, not an iPhone)

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