How to disable auto mounting on Linux Mint Cinnamon?

I prefer Linux Mint (I am using Cinnamon) not automatically mounting a portable storage such as USB disk or iPhone for me and I would like do the mounting manually if I need it.

The default behavior of Linux Mint is to automatically mount the disks. How to disable this?

The auto mounting on Linux Mint is done by nemo–the Cinnamon File Manager.

You can configure the behavior in nemo: “Edit” –> “Preference” and set the behavior as in the following screenshot as you need.


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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to configure this per device ?

    I have a couple of network directories on a NAS, containing archives or resources not accessed frequently. I’d like to mount these directories on demand only (kinda “lazy mount”) but keep the auto-mounting of USB devices.

    The reason is that the NAS is awaken from power saving state when Cinnamon tries to mount these directories during its startup sequence, introducing quite a long delay before the desktop is fully displayed. If I could tell not to mount on startup these directories, but only when accessing them, and keep automatically mounting (and displaying) USB devices, it would be perfect.

    Thanks in advance for any clue.

    Best regards

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