How to get the IP addresses of VMs in KVM with virsh

When we create VMs in KVM, we may don’t know the IP addresses because they are automatically assigned by DHCP. So we want to get them in VMM so that can login by SSH.

Do the commands as follows.

$ virsh domiflist hvm1
Interface  Type       Source     Model       MAC
vnet0      network    default    virtio      52:54:00:1c:36:cd
$ arp -e
Address                  HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface               ether   52:54:00:2b:08:c3   C                     br0               ether   52:54:00:78:02:89   C                     br0               ether   52:54:00:96:f6:59   C                     br0
kvm2                     ether   52:54:00:ec:31:68   C                     br0
kvm4                     ether   52:54:00:fd:4c:1e   C                     br0
kvm3                     ether   52:54:00:28:dd:2d   C                     br0               ether   52:54:00:f9:73:1e   C                     br0
kvm1                             (incomplete)                              br0                ether   00:50:56:b4:22:78   C                     br0          ether   52:54:00:1c:36:cd   C                     virbr0               ether   00:50:56:b4:22:7f   C                     br0

At last, you know the IP address of hvm1 is

One comment:

  1. Alternatively you can use the following sequence, which returns the IP addresses of all the VMs that are currently running:

    # Get the list of virtual networks

    virsh net-list

    # net-list returns the list of active networks. You’ll need to choose the one you want,
    # or just iterate through all of them with the next command:

    virsh net-dhcp-leases default

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