How to move all the files under Users for a user to another drive on Windows?

Unfortunately, my C: drive is almost full. Most of the space are used by the user home under C:Users. How can I move the home directory to another drive while not affecting the user’s usage of Windows.

On Linux/Unix, moving the directory to another drive/partition and then keeping a softlink is enough.

But how to achieve the similar effect on Windows?

I am using Windows 7.

You may dislike this answer. The answer is do not do it if you would like to upgrade to future versions of Windows. Check discussion about this here.

However, if you are certain that you will stick with Windows 7 forever, you may take the trick of “ProfilesDirectory” settings. Check documents from Microsoft.

Understand the risk now? For how to do it, please check Windows Registry Hacks/HKEY LOCAL MACHINE.

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