How to SSH to Linux Hosts for Beginners

This is a simple tutorial for beginners to SSH to a Linux host. This is quite easy with the easy-to-use software freely available but the beginners need a tutorials to start with. Hence, I write this tutorial about how to ssh to a Linux host. This tutorial is for users on Windows.

1. Download a SSH client

I suggest PuTTY. The download link can be found in Open Source and Portable SSH, SCP, SFTP and VNC Clients for Windows to Remote Control Linux (this post also provides links to other software that may be usefull).

2. SSH to the Linux host

At least, the user should already get the host’s name and port for SSH along with the username and password from the administrators.

Then SSH to the Linux host following this tutorial (it is short and easy to follow).

Now, you should have logged in to the Linux host with access to a shell (such as bash) and achieved the goal in this tutorial.

Eric Ma

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