In Vim, are there shortcuts to set tab widths to 2 and 4?

Tab widths may be different for different languages. Even with a common language, the tab width settings can be different for different projects.

In Vim, are there shortcuts to set tab widths to 2 and 4? To quickly change the tab widths when changing projects.

I am afraid no. But you create shortcuts for setting tab widths in Vim.

Add these lines to your ~/.vimrc:

" set tab width
function SetTab2()
  set shiftwidth=2
  set tabstop=2
  set softtabstop=2
  echo "Set tab to 2 spaces"

function SetTab4()
  set shiftwidth=4
  set tabstop=4
  set softtabstop=4
  echo "Set tab to 4 spaces"

map t4 :call SetTab4() <CR>
map t2 :call SetTab2() <CR>


Then, in your Vim, you can use t2 and t4 to set table to 2 and 4 spaces.

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