Keep Firefox Open After Closing the Last Tab

Firefox should always be ready there for us, right? Even after we closing the last tab, we would like firefox to be still open. At least I like to treat it in this way.

But unfortunately, Firefox will close after we closing the last tab as default in version 3.5. But the good news is that this behaviour is configurableĀ  through Firefox’s configuration editor. Now, let’s open it:

Type in this into the address bar and hit enter:


Firefox will warn us changing these configuration may be harmful. Okay, tell it we’ll be careful by clicking the button.

The type in this in to the filter field:


You will find this item with name:


That’s exactly what we are looking for! Double click it to change it’s value to “false”.
Okay, that’s it. Close this tab now and try closing all the tabs by using lots of “CTRL + w”. See what? Firefox is still there open even after we closing the last tab.

Eric Ma

Eric is a systems guy. Eric is interested in building high-performance and scalable distributed systems and related technologies. The views or opinions expressed here are solely Eric's own and do not necessarily represent those of any third parties.

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