Installing Specific Old Versions of Packages in Yum

We may need to install some old packages such as the kernel in our Linux box. Let’s use installing a older version of Linux kernel in Fedora as the example to introduce how to install old packages from the repository using yum.

By now, suppose we have install kernel- in the Linux box and we want to install some older kernel in the repository.

First find out all the kernels in the repository by:

# yum list --showduplicates kernel

All the kernel packages will be listed like this:

Installed Packages
kernel.i686                             @updates
Available Packages
kernel.i686                              fedora
kernel.i686                             updates

We find out that kernel package is available. We can install it now:

# yum install kernel-

Then yum will install the kernel of older version. For other packages, the method is similar with kernel. We just need to replace kernel with the package name above.

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