Open Source and Portable SSH, SCP, SFTP and VNC Clients for Windows to Remote Control Linux

ssh, scp, sftp and vnc are frequently used tools (both servers and clients) on Linux. We may want to remote control a Linux box from Windows such as when we¬†make demostration in a meeting while our work are done on the Linux box. There are lots open source SSH, SCP, SFTP and VNC clients for Windows to remote control Linux. This is a selection of these tools that are portable, which is important since we don’t always have Administrator access on the Windows clients.


Table of Contents

Software: PuTTY

Direct download: PuTTY


Software: WinSCP

Direct download: WinSCP

VNC viewer

Software: TightVNC

Another option is the free RealVNC free client (not open source) which can pass the special keys (such as Alt+Tab) to the server : download RealVNC viewer.

On Mac OSX, you may consider the Chicken VNC client.

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