How to use vnc to connect remote server with GUI desktop

For my case, I need to bypass one intermediate server so that I can connect to the remote server with vnc. For example, there are two servers (s1, s2) except my local PC and I have to login to s1 so that I can login s2 from my local PC. However, now, I need to use vnc to connect to s2 from my local PC.

In s2 side:

$ vncserver :1

In local PC:

$ ssh -L 5901: -l username -f -N
$ vncviewer localhost:590x

1, is s1 server.
2, is s2 server.
3, Remember to change to vnc session number if “:1” has been taken.

Great tips!

I guess the ‘590x’ should be ‘5901’ as the vncserver is created with ‘:1’.

And for the background info, the tip is using the “Local port forwarding” function of SSH tunnels (an intro at ).

Yes, It should be ‘5901’. I have fixed it. Thank you.

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