PHP Photo Gallery Scripts Requiring No Database

It is nice to set up some photo gallery on the web and share with friends and family. Some online services are good and convenient. But if you want to host it on your own domain and control them by yourself, there are also many scripts available. Usually, we want the script simple to use and easy to set up **without requiring any database**. In this post, I introduce 2 PHP scripts.

==Single File PHP Gallery==

Single File PHP Gallery by Kenny Svalgaard


Single File PHP Gallery is a photo gallery written in PHP. It has only one single PHP file. The thumbnails for photos and directories are generated automatically. Single File PHP Gallery does not require any configuration or programming skills to use or databases. All you have to do is copy the script to the directory containing your photos to make a gallery. And it automatically organize sub directories as sub galleries.


Demo: (my old photo gallery with customized theme)

phpGraphy is a free PHP photo gallery script written with simplicity and efficiency in mind following the KISS philosophy. It is released under GPL license. It is easy to install and has minimal requirements. phpGraphy integrates a bunch of nice features like comments, rating, EXIF/IPTC handling. Although phpGraphy can be set up to use databases, you can also choose to use files for storing information for it. The development seems freeze for several years. But the current features should be find for a personal photo gallery.

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