How to display chinese character in lxterminal

Do you know how to display chinese character in lxterminal?

asked Jan 4, 2015 by Ivan Tham

1 Answer

I tried to install lxterminal on my workstation and it seems display Chinese characters well:

lxterminal with chinese characters

FYI, my Linux system is Fedora 21. The lxterminal version:

$ rpm -q lxterminal

Not sure what's the reason why it does not work for you. You may check whether other applications such as gnome-terminal can display Chinese characters, or whether there are Chinese fonts installed correctly, or some others possible problems.

answered Jan 4, 2015 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)


Thanks, it works now, I think lxterminal can't find the font. And I never thought your site uses markdown too.

commented Jan 12, 2015 by pickfire (100 points)

My pleasure that it helps.

I also note down the tip to make Chinese characters display well in case others need it.

Specifying the fonts for Chinese fonts as in: and

commented Jan 12, 2015 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)

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