Setting Up a NFS Server on Top of tmpfs /dev/shm

tmpfs has blazing speed. Why not set up a high speed NFS server on top of tmpfs?

A little trick is required for setting NFS server on top of /dev/shm. If we add a normal entry in /etc/export and them run

# exportfs -a

exportfs will give us a warning like this: exportfs: Warning: /dev/shm requires fsid= for NFS export

When we try to mount this NFS server, we may get a error message from mount: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting nfsserver:/dev/shm

How to solve this problem? Just add the option fsid=1 to the /dev/shm entry in /etc/exports:


and remember to execute `# exportfs -a` again.

Then nfsserver:/dev/shm can be mounted in

Eric Ma

Eric is a systems guy. Eric is interested in building high-performance and scalable distributed systems and related technologies. The views or opinions expressed here are solely Eric's own and do not necessarily represent those of any third parties.


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  2. THANKS !

    Strange, as nfs is asking twice to put an fsid option, just as it would see 2 fs’s (we were trying to mount an nfs share on top of tmpfs’ed /tmp).

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