How to get the top committers in git?

How to get the top committers in git? Like in github:

top git commiters

But plain text is fine showing number of commits and author names/emails sorted by the number of commits.

You may use this command:

git log | grep Author | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r

Here, count the number of commits by names/emails and show from the authors with highest number of commits.

Example output will be like

247 Author: Paul Phillips <>
 45 Author: Dale Wijnand <>
 12 Author: Yamashita Yuu <>
 10 Author: Gilles Cornu <>
  8 Author: Josh Suereth <>
  5 Author: Mark Canlas <>
  3 Author: Paul Phillips <>
  2 Author: Jason Zaugg <>
  2 Author: Channing Walton <>
  1 Author: William Ho <>
  1 Author: Viktor Hedefalk <>
  1 Author: Tymon Tobolski <>
  1 Author: Stefan Zeiger <>
  1 Author: Seyi Ogunyemi <>
  1 Author: Rocky Madden <>

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