Setting Up VPN-like Network Between Several Clusters Using iptables

It is common to connect servers with only internal IPs from several clusters. VPN is a common technique for this. With iptables, we can implement many functions of VPN with possibly higher performance. The slides here give a brief introduction to how to set up a VPN-like network between 2 clusters which connect to each other through Internet. Note that this is not a “real” VPN.

(Note: a typo in slide #6: the “2181”s should be “2182”.)

PDF version can be downloaded at vpn_iptables_v2.pdf

Animation is enabled which may help understand it.

Eric Ma

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  1. Dear Zhiqiang Ma,

    I have small doubt, it is possible to move the Vg partition to another server, Please let me know ?

    Thanks for advance.



      1. Dear Zhiqiang Ma,

        Sorry I am taking about LVM, I have created Volume group(vg) and mount the vg(volume group) in /mnt and stored the some file.

        It is possible to move the Vg partition to another server, Please let me know ?

        Thanks for advance.



  2. Dear Zhiqiang Ma

    I have configured Openvpn (slackware13.37) Amazon server machine, it is working fine, and tested that it is working.

    I have configured
    1. System1 linux machine for Openvp Client setup and started the service it is running fine.
    2. System2 linux machine I have configured Openvpn(server), it is working fine.

    The System1 openvpn client & System2 Openvpn server is connected,
    I have checked the log and I am able to ping the ping the tun0 openvpn server ip( to openvpn client(

    And In Openvpn server I am able to ping the openvpn client tun0 IP address.

    In openvpn server config file I have added the option for (push “redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp”) . But my openvpn client machine (amazon)get hunged.

    In System1 while run the command
    wget -qO-
    it showing System2(openvpn server) IP address. But it show System1 Public IP address

    Please help me, and how to set the routing in the IP tables?
    how to fix this issue.


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