How to install Python environment in my own account on Dreamhost?

How to install Python environment in my own account on Dreamhost so that my application can use the python that I installed by myself instead of the system-wide one? The post for Bluehost works very well for Dreamhost too: Answered by Eric Z Ma. In short: mkdir ~/python cd ~/python wget tar zxfv […]

Shared hosting services with SSH enabled

Which shared hosting services have SSH enabled? SSH is a great tool for management and development. Lots shared hosting services support SSH. Here is a non-complete list: Dreamhost SSH on dreamhost: BlueHost SSH on BlueHost: GoDaddy SSH on GoDaddy: HostGator SSH on HostGator: HostMonster SSH on HostMonster: ServerGrove SSH on […]

How to host a domain registered in another account in a Dreamhost account

How to host a domain name registered in another account in one Dreamhost account. Simply trying to add the new domain, it reports: Error! You can’t add that domain: already in our system You need to delete the domain from your hosting (DNS) from the account first. Don’t worry, the domain name is still there […]

Any suggestion on the hosting service

Any suggestion on the hosting services? Seems Hostgator is great: I was considering moving to Hostgator from Dreamhost. Dreamhost has less limitations after comparing it with others (e.g. the 250k inodes number limitation). I will stick with it. Moreover, with CloudFlare enabled ( ), it looks better. Answered by anonymous.

SSD Enabled For DreamHost Shared Hosting: Simple Performance Measurement

As you may know, SysTutorials is hosted by DreamHost and we are quite satisfied with DreamHost. Now, DreamHost turns to be the first big player that enables solid state drives (SSD) for its Linux-based shared hosting plan in the shared hosting market and we are happy to enjoy the improvement. SSD is common for VPS […]