Chrome’s KDE proxy integration broken on KDE / Fedora

Chrome reads the proxy settings from Gnome correctly. However, when I run Chrome under KDE, the proxy integration is broken: In the settings of Chrome, clicking the “Change proxy settings” opens the KDE proxy setting dialog correctly (the command kcmshell4 proxy actually is executed). However, after the proxy settings are made, Chrome does not read […]

Configuring Mouse Cursor Style for GTK Applications in KDE Desktop

Update on Jan. 7, 2012: The package for the gtk application style setting on KDE 4.7 is kcm-gtk. The command to install this package is: “# yum install kcm-gtk”. One annoying thing when using KDE desktop is that the theme and style of GTK applications differ from KDE’s. The gtk-qt-engine can let us select the […]