Any good Java REPL tool/implementation?

Any good suggestions on a Java REPL implementation like ‘scala’ and ‘python’ or ‘php -a’? The java-repl tool works nicely for most situations for me. It is released as a .jar. Hence, it is easy to download and run: $ wget –quiet -O /tmp/javarepo-428.jar && java -jar /tmp/javarepo-428.jar One usage example is as […]

Alternatives to goto in bash

As we know: There is no goto statement support in bash. goto is useful for certain situations, especially for debugging. So, is there any alternative mechanisms to goto in bash? Robert Copeland gave an interesting hacking to this problem: The idea is like the self-modifying code. But the difference is to generate a piece […]

Programming language popularity indices?

Any good programming language popularity indices? Those are interesting ones: TIOBE Index The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2014 This ranking is published as blog posts. So no persistent homepage found yet. The January 2014 version is: Programming Language Popularity Answered by Eric Z Ma.

Are You Wanting to Learn a Programming Language? Read Before Your Make a Choice

Making a career choice is difficult. And, if you have decided on becoming a programmer, the difficulty is just beginning. The most important thing is to first decide the language that you want to learn and this is often the most difficult decision. The good part is that you know you need to focus on […]