Profiling Vim to Find Out Which Plugin Makes Vim Slow

Vim is pretty fast and powerful. However, the core of Vim is (yet) single-threaded (some discussions and tries on porting Vim to be multi-threading, but not yet there). This means some functions that are slow will block Vim there and you have to wait for it. While Vim is fast, some plugins are not. When […]

Auto Indenting for OCaml Code in Vim with ocp-indent

The built-in indenting in Vim for OCaml seems not very good. How to set up auto indenting for OCaml code in Vim? ocp-indent works very well for me. This posts introduces how to configure Vim to use ocp-indent to automatically indent/format OCaml code. First, install ocp-indent after installing opam: $ opam install ocp-indent Second, configure […]

Vim as Thunderbird’s External Editor in Linux

Vim is an excellent editor which I use every day. Thunderbird is a nice email application. However, Thunderbird’s integrated editor is not efficient enough to a Vim user. Why not use Vim as Thunderbird’s editor? In this tutorial, we will introduce how to integrate Vim with Thunderbird together in Linux. Install the “External Editor” Thunderbird […]

Vim Removing “^M” Returns from Files

When editing some files fro Windows in vim, there are some ugly “^M” returns. Here is a method to remove and replace these “^M”s (please note that you should not copy/past to use the follows): :1,$s/{Ctrl+V}{Ctrl+M}//{Enter} {Ctrl+V} means keyboard operation that is push ‘ctrl’ and ‘v’ together. {Enter} is push ‘enter’. : means that it […]

My Vim Emacs and Other Configuration Files

My .vimrc .emacc files can be downloaded from here: My text editors are especially configured for source code such as C/C++/shell editing. I prefer to use spaces instead of tab. And my favourite tab size is 4. Some vimrc parameters and the comments are listed here. Details and the updated configuration files please refer […]

Several Vim Tips (in Chinese)

窗口模式操作 CTRL-W CTRL-S 将当前窗口分割为两窗口 CTRL-W CTRL-W 切换窗口 CTRL-W j 切换到下一窗口 CTRL-W k 切换到上一窗口 CTRL-W CTRL-R 将窗口的位置轮换 CTRL-W CTRL-_ 将当前窗口最小化 CTRL-W CTRL-= 将所有窗口变为等大 搜索和替换 /word 搜索word 搜索之后按回车高亮显示,n 下一个 p 上一个 :%s/模式/替换成的内容/gc % 全局选项,如果没有开启则只在当前行进行替换 g 表示 全局替换,如果没有g选项则只替换每行出现的第一个单词 c 表示需要确认 Esc替换按键 ESC键在键盘的左上角,按起来很不方便,而在VIM中ESC经常用到,其实有一个同样作用的组合按键:CTRL-[,这两个按起来手基本不用做大的动作,方便多了。 块操作 使用visual可视模式 v 进入可视模式,移动光标可进行选择 CTRL-Q 或 CTRL-V 进入列式模式,可进行块操作,选定的是一个矩形块。如果使用behave mswin CTRL-V可能映射成为past