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I find a desktop client for publishing to WordPress blogs – lekhonee[1]. I find it interesting and easy to use. This is the first post using it.

The interface is simple, but it can provides most of the functions:
* Writing post.
* Select categories.
* Add tags.
* Load and Edit the old post.
And it can provides the convenient “Spell Check” function.

It is already in Fedora’s repository, so installing it is straight forward:

# yum install lekhonee-gnome

Before using it, first go to the Writing Settings to enable XML-RPC publishing protocol. For example, in this blog the address is:

lekhonee will add a message under the post to tell the word that the post is written in lekhonee. If you find it annoying, it can be closed easily by unchecking “Edit -> lekhonee msg”.

Let’s have a try and enjoy it ;)


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