Installing akmod NVIDIA Driver on Fedora

Installing akmod NVIDIA driver from rpmfusion on Fedora 12. First make sure your nvidia card is in “Supported NVIDIA GPU Products List”: Click here for the list 1. Add rpmfusion repository: Enable RPM Fusion repositories 2. Install akmod nvidia driver akmod builds the required kmod on bootup # yum install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686 3. Add nouveau […]

How to Install MPlayer and MEncoder on Fedora

Fedora does not include MPlayer or MEncoder for some reasons in its official repositories. But RPMfusion does it for us. Let’s install mplayer and mencoder and learn some tricks to play rmvb files. 1. Add RPMfusion repository: Enable RPM Fusion repositories 2. Install MPlayer and MEncoder # dnf install mplayer mencoder 3. Get codecs Most […]

How to Send Email from mailx Command in Linux Using Gmail’s SMTP

The heirloom mailx command in Linux is still providing service for guys like me, especially when we need to send email automatically by script. gmail is great. Now, how to use gmail’s smtp in mailx/mail? gmail is a little special since gmail’s smtp server requires tls authorization. The good news is that mailx supports it. […]

How to Control or Disable SELinux in Fedora and CentOS Linux

For most of cases, you should not disable SELinux. However, for some users, SELinux may cause problems or is not needed. We may just make it not block operations or totally disable it. Making SELinux log warnings instead of blocking ∞ For many cases, people find SELinux blocks operations. For tests or some other situations, […]

lftp Disable SSL

lftp some times stalls with message “Making data connection” when “ls” the directory after logged in the ftp site. The message may appear like this: < — 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx) —- Connecting data socket to (yy,yy,yy,yy) port zz `ls’ at 0 [Making data connection…] But some client such as filezilla may works on […]


mplayer 使用中文字幕文件时经常会出现乱码问题. 以下是解决办法: 1. 外挂字体方法 比如当前目录下有文件为Gone with the Wind.avi, 字幕文件为: 可以使用如下命令来播放, 将不会出现中文字幕乱码的问题了: mplayer -ass -subcp cp936 Gone with the Wind.avi -sub 对于以上参数的解释: -ass: Turn on SSA/ASS subtitle rendering. With this option, libass will be used for SSA/ASS external subtitles and Matroska tracks. You may also want to use -embeddedfonts. NOTE: Unlike normal OSD, […]

Vim Removing “^M” Returns from Files

When editing some files fro Windows in vim, there are some ugly “^M” returns. Here is a method to remove and replace these “^M”s (please note that you should not copy/past to use the follows): :1,$s/{Ctrl+V}{Ctrl+M}//{Enter} {Ctrl+V} means keyboard operation that is push ‘ctrl’ and ‘v’ together. {Enter} is push ‘enter’. : means that it […]

My Vim Emacs and Other Configuration Files

My .vimrc .emacc files can be downloaded from here: My text editors are especially configured for source code such as C/C++/shell editing. I prefer to use spaces instead of tab. And my favourite tab size is 4. Some vimrc parameters and the comments are listed here. Details and the updated configuration files please refer […]

Fedora 中文字体设置

Fedora 一直有中文字体难看的问题, 尤其是在英文环境中. 使用本文中的配置方法可以得到令人满意的中文效果. 此方案中使用字体都为开源且在Fedora源中自带. 此方案对 Fedora 9 – 20 有效. 对于后续版本支持我会确认并更新此文章. 此方案对Gnome, KDE都有效. Firefox 中也有中文难看的问题, 后面会提到. 快速配置方法 如果你想马上配置好,请使用如下命令。此方法测试使用效果良好。 # yum install cjkuni-ukai-fonts cjkuni-uming-fonts # wget \ -O /etc/fonts/local.conf 相关英文字体配置可以参考:Improving Fedora Font Rendering with Open Software and Fonts Only. Fedora 系统中文字体的配置方案 使用uming和ukai字体,即AR PL UMing CN等. 中文字体和等宽字体效果如图所示(点击看大图, Firefox 中文字体设置在后面会提到). 方法如下: 安装字体 首先安装这两个字体: cjkuni-ukai-fonts cjkuni-uming-fonts (在Fedora […]