How to Add Google to Firefox in Linux Mint as Default Search Engine

In Firefox on Linux Mint, Google is not in the default list of search engines. Linux Mint has its criteria for adding search engines while Google seems not in those suggested by Linux Mint because “Amongst commercial search engines, only the ones which share with Linux Mint the revenue Linux Mint users generate for them are included by default” while Google seems not share revenue with Linux Mint. Linux Mint states “eventually all search engines will share the revenue our users generate for them and be included by default in Linux Mint” while it is not true yet. Google is the choice of many Linux users and Linux Mint does not block Google in its distributions of the Firefox. How to add Google in Firefox on Linux Mint is introduced in this post.

First, in Firefox, visit Linux Mint Search Engines page.

Second, find the tiny Google icon and click the link.

Last, in the search toolbar of Firefox, you will see a small green “+” icon. Click the icon, click “Add Google”, and then you can add Google to your search engine list in Firefox now.

You may choose Google as the default search engine too in Firefox by opening the following page in Firefox.


Now, Google is back for you in Firefox on Linux Mint. Cheers!

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  1. Thanks for these instructions!
    I can understand why the commercial engines are left out and I have no problem using startpage and will gladly do so but the way that Mint obscures the possibility to add other search engines is not cool. All they had to say was to please consider using search engines support us and these search engines protect your privacy. I’m totally on board with that. But giving me a modified version of Firefox and making me have to hunt down the way to add those others is something I would expect out of Microshaft.

  2. actually is another way much easier,i guess that every1 know how to copy-paste,right ? well,just go to firefox official page and download from there the last version for ubuntu,open the arhive,then go to ur linux file manager and from the menu of it chose to show hidden files,after that just go to the root directory and u will see there a folder called usr,get in and in that folder is another called lib,in there just click in the folder and chose to open it as root,now u are ready to do that copy-paste,just copy the firefox folder from where u left it and paste it right in that last folder,after that u are done,firefox will run as normal and u will be able to put google in search tab,to be honest,i don’t give a dam if google is gvin and takin a lot from me,it still is the best search engine around

  3. that doesn’t work anymore. linux mint 20 is nice, but this crap they do about taking away choice and freedom on linux is ridiculous (no google option as search engine, no ubuntu snap). guess i have to find another distro after years of using lm

  4. Mint is sh____t with this search engine GOOGLE every one day this distribution getting worst and worst and they want donating for this Shi —– t.

  5. note: adding google as a the default search engine seems to be not possible anymore. Even the “small green icon” trick is not working for me

    firefox 95.0.1
    linux mint 20.2

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