How to get the latest git commit SHA-1 in a repository?

How to get the latest git commit SHA-1 id in a repository?

And how to get the first 8 digits of the SHA-1?

Instead of the method introduced here, you may use

$ git rev-parse HEAD

to get the commit SHA-1 hash ID.

If you want to get the first 8 digits only, use

$ git rev-parse HEAD | cut -c 1-8

Here, cut -c 1-8 gives you bytes 1 to 8.

BTW: if you have tags tagging the versions, you may use

$ git describe --tags --long

to get a better string for IDs like


Here, ‘v2.0′ is the latest tag. ’40’ is the number of commits after the ‘v2.0’ tag and ‘gdc25d60’ is the first 8 digits of the commit sha-1 hash ID.

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One comment:

  1. Rather than cutting it, allow `git` to shorten the SHA on your behalf:

    git rev-parse –short HEAD

    From the docs:

    Same as –verify but shortens the object name to a unique prefix with at least length characters. The minimum length is 4, the default is the effective value of the core.abbrev configuration variable (see git-config[1]).

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