How to install Tex Live on CentOS 7 Linux?

The LaTex packages in CentOS 7 Linux is not sufficient enough. I would like to Install Tex Live such as Tex Live 2016. How could I install it on CentOS 7?

The best way I found is to use the texlive offical installation tool to install the full packages for texlive 2016. It will take around 4.5GB.

First, remove existing texlive packages if they are installed:

# yum erase texlive texlive*

Then download installation package from its website.

And execute the installation tools in the decompressed package:

# ./install-tl

It will download and install the packages/tools for texlive.

You will need to install the `Digest::MD5` perl module by

yum install perl-Digest-MD5 -y

if it is not installed yet.

After it is done, set the path in your ~/.bashrc or a global location accordingly:

export PATH=/opt/texlive/2016/bin/x86_64-linux/:$PATH

Here, /opt/texlive/ is the path you chose to install texlive. If you choose another location, you can replace it with the one you used.

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